Prices: Scroll down for weekly specials

$25 - Out of town fee ( Over 60ks from pick up -15 Hay Street, Bromley)

$25 - Half Day Hire (up to 5hrs)

$35 - Full Day Hire (up to 8hrs)

$50 - Overnight (up to 2 full days)

$80 - Weekend Hire (Friday Afternoon pick up - Sunday)

$90 - Weekend Hire (Friday Morning Pick up - Sunday) 

$120 - 5 days (Mon-Fri) 

$160 - 5 days (includes weekend)

$180 - Full Week (up to 7 days) 

$250 - Trailer Skips  (10 Days) 8x4ft Caged trailers

$5 - 1x Shovel, Fork, Rake or Broom (non electric gardening tools)

$10 - 2x Tie Downs 

$5 - 1x Tie Down

$10 - 1x Sack Barrow

$10 - 1x Wheelbarrow

$5 - 1x Ladder

IMPORTANT NOTE: If trailer is late it will incur a $10 fee for every 15 minutes after due back time and trailer "MUST" be returned clean and ready for next hire.

NOTE: Photo ID is required on pick up

BOND: $50 Bond which is refunded once trailer is returned in the same condition as hired.

PAYMENT METHOD: Please bring cash or bank transfer on the spot (NO EFTPOS)

SPECIALS: Weekend hire Pick up: Friday 26th August (1pm 5.30pm) - Monday 29th August Single Axle Trailers (Any Size, FIFS) $70 Return Monday (1pm - 5.30pm)       Out of Town Fee applies
Single Axle Caged or Uncaged 7x4 or 8x4. 
*Bookings are essential for this special & first in first serve policy applies.               *Mandatory Deposit $50.00 applies as usual*

Cleaning fee: If any items including Trailers are returned dirty a $10 cleaning fee is charged, so remember to return them clean and ready for next hire,  take all rubbish and items with you, if you hired tiedowns return these rolled up like they were given to you. Thank you Renee 

6x4, 7x4 (tilting), 8x4 (single axle and double) and more

OPEN HOURS:             

Monday - By appointment only   

Tuesday 7am - 5.30pm 

Wednesday 7am - 5.30pm 

Thursday 7am - 5.30pm                        

Friday 7am - 5.30pm 

Saturday 8am - 5.30pm 

Sunday 8am - 5.30pm 



Renee - 021 0830 5254

15 Hay Street

Bromley 8062

About this small business:

A small at home business where I rent out trailers, moving equipment and gardening tools ie: sack barrows, wheelbarrows, tie-downs/strop's, brooms, shovels, forks, rakes to local people who would like cheap, hassle free easy trailer hire and trailer skips. Business is based in Bromley, Christchurch. Look out for the smiley face road cones.